A Congressional EMP Caucus is officially launched

Today marks the official launch of the Congressional EMP Caucus and also the introduction of a bill (HR 668) to amend the Federal Power Act. Based on several findings from the EMP Commission Report, HR 668, or the Secure High-voltage Infrastructure for Electricity from Lethal Damage (or ”SHIELD”) Act, outlines and defines emergency response measures and the need for protection in the event of a natural or manmade electromagnetic pulse (EMP).

Rep. Trent Franks speaks briefly about the SHIELD Act here: http://www.thestatecolumn.com/state_politics/arizona/rep-trent-franks-launches-caucus-to-address-emp-threat-introduces-shield-act/

For more information on HR 668, the SHIELD Act, click on the link below: http://www.theorator.com/bills/text/hr668.html

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