NASA releases new image of Sun’s surface

For the first time,  today NASA released a 3D image showing the entire surface of the Sun.

Sending up twin satellites, named STEREO, NASA can now study solar activity in full 3D. The satellites send imagery from each side of the Sun, whereas in the past scientists were only able to see one side.

This new view can help spot an active sunspot that emerges on the far side of the sun completely hidden from Earth. The sun’s rotation could point these sunspots towards the Earth spitting flares and clouds of plasma.

“Not anymore,” says Bill Murtagh, a senior forecaster at NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center in Boulder, Colorado. “Farside active regions can no longer take us by surprise. Thanks to STEREO, we know they’re coming.”

With advance warnings from NASA and the solar protection materials our company offers, you should be all set.

Image credit: NASA

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