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Great Video of Solar Flare Activity

Just think!  We live at time in history where satillites are actually in place to take videos like this.  This is worth the break from your ho-hum day.  Great Solar Flare footage. Click Here To Read More

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Mike Brownfield rings the alarm bell about the looming threat to the world from EMP.

The Foundry posts an excellent article about the looming threat of a worldwide EMP event.  The article includes an announcement that August 15th should be declared the National EMP Awareness Day and encourages everyone to tune-in on Monday, August 15th at 11:00am to watch a panel event concerning EMP hosted by The Heritage Foundation.  To watch the event live …

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The EMP DEFENSE COUNCIL sounds the Solar Flare Alarm. Washington, are you listening?

The EMP Defense Council has published a list of actions which should be taken immediately to protect the World-Wide Electric Grid from the devastating effects of a major Solar Flare. Click Here To Read The Complete Article

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