EMP & Solar Protection Technologies specializes in products that offer EMP Protection from solar storms, electromagnetic disturbances and wireless identity theft.

Introduction to EMP & Solar Protection Technologies


We believe our civilization, our culture, our way of life, are good things and must be preserved.

If you consider yourself a “SURVIVALIST” and your idea of surviving a global disaster is to live the way humans lived in the Dark Middle Ages, you might be in the wrong place.

At EMP & Solar Protection Technologies, we strongly believe that our current level of civilization is a good thing.  We like warm showers, modern medicine, refrigeration, air-conditioning, computers, cell-phones, grocery stores, gas stations, cars, trucks and, of course, ELECTRICITY! 

Unfortunately, sometime in the not too distant future, our planet will be hit by a catastrophic electromagnetic pulse.  This could occur as a violent man-made nuclear EMP detonation in outer space or, more likely, it would come from our Sun as a not-so-gentile reminder that nature is still in charge.  Either way, the results would be the same – no electric power.

No electric power – anywhere.  No electricity, for as long as five years.  Think of that.

The results from such an occurrence are well documented.  Conservative estimates place the loss of life at 60 to 70 percent.

Many households now possess a portable generator.  When not in use, these generators must be placed in protective ‘EMP SHIELD’ cages.  If protected, they will provide the first instance of electric power in the event of a catastrophe.  Protecting portable electric generators from the damaging effects of an Electromagnetic Pulse should be a national priority involving every household and business.

EMP & Solar Protection Technologies builds a variety of ‘EMP SHIELD’ cages, sized to protect any product.

Our national electric grid is woefully unprepared to handle a massive solar storm or an EMP attack.  The key to recovering from such an event is having adequate spare transformers on hand. 

It could take from three to five years to replace just one large electric transformer.  Spare transformers must be stockpiled and they must be protected.

EMP & Solar Protection Technologies owns the skill-set to build large metal enclosures able to protect spare electric grid transformers.

At EMP & Solar Protection Technologies many of our products also offer the added advantage of shielding your electronics from unwanted snooping and spying.  In addition, as an added benefit, many of our products can significantly extend the life of your electronics.

Several of our products are also specifically designed to meet the needs of Law Enforcement, the Military and national government agencies.

At EMP & Solar Protection Technologies, we specialize in products that protect electronics from electromagnetic pulse, solar flares, electronic disturbance, identity theft and cell phone/radio frequency data diversion.

At EMP & Solar Protection Technologies we provide:

 “Realistic Solutions to Very Real Problems”

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