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Iranian Nuclear Development Sites Vulnerable to Conventional Electromagnetic Attack

The United States Air Force reveals a cruise missile with a conventional (non-nuclear) Electromagnetic Pulse warhead designed to fry all electronics within a relatively small strike zone.

Imagine a ground hugging cruise missile slowly flying toward a sensitive financial center.  Let’s say Wall Street.  Now let’s also imagine that this small, directed, intense Electromagnetic Pulsed weapon explodes its non-lethal load directly above the seat of America’s financial stability. 


Instantly, all electronics within the vicinity of the EMP fry and die.

The results would be nothing less than catastrophic for the United State’s financial system.

Hopefully, America’s military are up to the task and could eliminate the cruise missile well before the aerial torpedo finds its way over America’s financial ground zero.

Of course, this could never happen.

However, the United States Air Force has now revealed that they have conducted successful testing of a cruise missile designed to deliver a devastating conventional Electromagnetic Pulse.  The U.S. Air Force cruise missile is not armed with a nuclear weapon.  Rather, the missile is designed to deliver a highly energized blast of electricity onto a relatively small industrial complex which would destroy all electronic equipment within the blast radius.

The Iranian Nuclear Industrial Complex seems to be the perfect target for this new weapon. . . .

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