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How Would Israel Destroy Iran’s Nuclear Production Facilities?

As the debate heats up, the real question is:

How Would Israel Destroy Iran’s Nuclear Production Facilities?

It has long been known that Iran’s nuclear production facilities were designed to be capable of withstanding a conventional bombing attack from aircraft. It is now strongly suspected that the Iranian Nuclear Development Facilities at Natanz and Qom have been built underground at depths beyond the reach of advanced conventional weapons such as “Bunker-Busting” missiles or bombs.

This leaves Israel with two choices.  Both choices would force Israel into using at least some of their nuclear weapons to attack Iran.

Israel could attack each of Iran’s numerous hardened nuclear facilities with nuclear warheads designed to bury deep into the earth and then detonate. The result of this type of nuclear attack would be the total destruction of the production facility.  Unfortunately, this option would also result in massive human, environmental and atmospheric devastation. Not to mention the world-wide condemnation that would be leveled against Israel following such an attack.

Or, Israel could detonate a nuclear warhead in outer-space above Iran creating an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP).  If detonated at the proper altitude above Iran, it would largely affect only Iran. An EMP attack would knock the Iranian electric grid back into the modern-day equivalent of the “Stone-Age.”

A high-altitude nuclear EMP attack over Iran would produce no immediate human casualties, would create no blast damage and would leave no dramatic physical evidence that a nuclear attack had occurred. Politically, Israel could claim, “No Human Harm – No Foul.” Yet, the future of Iranian nuclear weapon development would, thankfully, be eliminated for a very, very long time.

The Iranin population, in the meantime, would be left without electricity. No power to their nuclear facilities, no power to their factories, no power to their cities and, of course, no electric power to the people of Iran. Iran would be blasted back into the industrial equivalent of the mid – 1800′s.

Eventually, with massive international assistance, millions of Iranians would be saved from starvation, which would certainly result from the total elimination of electricity from a modern society.

Depending on decisions made in Israel over the next several months, we might be looking at the first use of a High-altitude nuclear EMP (HEMP) that eliminates an entire nation from modern civilization.

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