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What’s Gonna Happen Next?

Wouldn’t it have been really great in 2004 or 2005 if some Washington “Big-Shot” Politician had come out and told us about the upcoming “Great Recession?”  Think about how healthy your retirement fund would look right now if you had heeded the politician’s warning and gotten your money out of the stock market.  You could have just sat on the sideline, safe and financially secure, while the rest of the world spiraled downward into the recession’s toilet.

Of course that did not happen.  Even if some savvy politician had come forward to the Main-Stream-Media with the truth about the real estate bubble, chances are, the MSM would not have found the story believable.  Of course, the MSM would have taken great pleasure in destroying the politician’s career, labeling him as “Zany, Kooky and Way-Out-There.”  The politician would have been right, the MSM would have been wrong, yet we would have listened to the MSM and the politician’s career would still be ruined.

Kind’a like what we see happening right now.  For the last couple of years former Speaker-of-the-House, Newt Gingrich has been saying to anyone that will listen that an EMP is the greatest/gravest danger facing our nation.  An EMP can be created by a nuclear blast high in Earth’s atmosphere (NEMP) or from a Solar Flare from the Sun followed by a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME).  Of the two types of EMP, the CME is the most probable.   A CME will happen in the foreseeable future and there is nothing that we can do to stop it from happening.  And, a major CME will be a worldwide event.

Wait a minute, is Newt Gingrich nuts?  He’s running for president and yet he feels so strongly about the danger of an EMP that he is willing to face a MSM storm of criticism while he is running for our nation’s highest office.

Speaker Gingrich is neither nuts nor politically suicidal.  Top experts throughout the world are all sounding the same warning about a major CME coming soon.  Their concerns should not be ignored.

Do your inner skeptic a favor.  Set up a daily Google Alert for the term: Solar Flare.  You will be sent a daily list of all articles and news reports dealing with “Solar Flares.”  Read the alerts for a couple of days.  You will quickly come to the conclusion that some of the most respected scientists in the world are telling us that something really bad is coming.  REALLY, REALLY BAD!

Now, let’s go back and think about how nice it would have been to be warned about the “Great Recession” a couple of years before it happened.  What decisions would you have made differently?  Would you be better off now had you taken the warnings seriously?

Maybe Newt Gingrich has given us all a warning about EMP that we didn’t get about the “Great Recession.”

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