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Gasoline Powered Portable Electric Generators

Over the last twenty years Hurricanes have forced South Floridians to live through numerous power outages lasting several weeks.  As a result, many single-family homeowners in Southern Florida now own a portable generator.  Having a portable electric generator during a power outage will preserve life.

Without electricity, normal life within a modern home becomes very uncomfortable within three days.

Without electricity for seven days, your neighbors will begin to request food from you.

Without electricity for ten days, your neighbors will begin to demand food from you.

Without electricity for two to three weeks, some of your neighbors will begin to die of hunger.

After a Hurricane, one of the more immediate problems is obtaining gasoline to power portable electric generators.  There may be thousands of gallons of gasoline in tanks underground at a gas station, but, without electric power, the gas pumps will not work.  So all of that gasoline sitting in the ground is out of reach. . . . Right?

Not really.  With an average sized gas-powered portable generator (around 4,000 watts) you can power most of the gas (and diesel) pumps at your local filling station.  Most electricians will find the task of hot-wiring the generator to the correct electrical circuit very easy.

There is also a concern that supplies of gasoline will be rapidly used up during a nation-wide power outage.  The United States maintains a five month petroleum reserve to meet current consumption rates.  During an electric power outage, very few of us will be driving to work.  Once everyone realizes that there is no where to drive to find electric power, gasoline consumption rates will dramatically decrease.

Ultimately, during a national electric power grid catastrophe, there would be a considerable amount of gasoline available for use in portable generators.  In the event that the power outage exceeds our supplies of petroleum, gasoline powered generators are easily converted to Natural Gas.  There is an almost unlimited supply of Natural Gas within the United States.

If you want to survive an EMP event in comfort, purchase a gasoline powered electric generator and store it within a Faraday Cage.

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