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TV Show, MYTHBUSTERS, Banned From Revealing RFID Credit Card Vulnerability to Identity Theft

At some point in the not-to-distant future, Credit Card Companies will come out and tell everyone about how vulnerable the RFID chip credit card is to high-tech identity thieves.


Well, actually all the Big Boys of the credit card industry are spending major money to prevent you from knowing how easy it is to steal information from your RFID credit card.  American Express, VISA, Master Card and Discover (to name just a few) pulled out their heavy legal guns to smash a Mythbusters Episode.

Co-Host of Mythbusters, Adam Savage, reveals quite a bit about how the Credit Card Industry brought in some very big law firms to put a kibosh on Mythbuster’s plans to air an episode exposing RFID Credit Card and ID Badge vulnerability to Identity Theft.  The credit card company lawyers threatened to pull all advertising from the parent network that hosts the popular cable series.

Credit card companies do not want you to know how real the threat is and what it will cost you.  They do not want you to know the truth and they will spend amazingly large amounts of money to keep you in the dark.

If you had any doubt about the vulnerability of that credit card you carry in your purse or wallet, watch this video.

Mythbusters Banned

Feel free to read between the lines.  Adam Savage will probably get in a boatload of trouble for being so candid.  If the video/article has vanished by the time you hit the above link, it just means that the Credit Card Attorneys have forced the link to be deleted.

If you don’t keep your credit cards, ID Badges, Driver’s License and Passport in a protective sleeve; Identity Thieves everywhere will thank you.

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