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X5.4 Solar Flare on March 7th, 2012, Broke All-Time Record

While being viewed by a Starfleet of Heliospheric Satellites, a massive Solar Flare on March 7th, 2012, spewed out record levels of Gamma Radiation for over twenty hours.

Of course, this fleet of multi-million dollar satellites would not be out there in deep space watching our Sun unless a whole bunch of scientists, politicians and check-writers weren’t totally convinced that this Solar Maximum is gonna be something special.  Thus far, they are getting their monies’ worth.

So, what does this record setting Solar Gamma Ray burst prove?

Nothing, nor is it an All-Time Record.

You see, we have only been measuring the Gamma Radiation from the sun for around sixty years. However, the Sun has been lighting up our part of the Milky Way for about 4.5 Billion years.

It is very probable that in the previous 4.5 Billion years the Sun has spit out a Solar Flare with much more Gamma Radiation than this one.

This is fun!  We live at a time in history where we can watch the Solar Flare as it happens from satellite video transmitted to us from hundreds of thousands of miles away.

The video link below is accompanied with an excellent narration.

Viewers Tip: Watch the surface of the Sun tremble and quake immediately following the Solar Flare.  Very cool.

Watch, enjoy and learn.


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