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Thanks to Obama, A nuclear EMP on Iran is the only option left for Israel

Israel now finds itself painted into a corner. Negotiations with Iran simply result in talk, talk, and more talk sooner or later.

For Israel, every day spent talking, is one day that Iran moves closer to launching a nuclear tipped missile.

Negotiations are going quite well for Iran. The longer they can hold off negotiations, the more time they purchase for their nuclear weapon program. Iran now correctly believes that they have less and less to fear from an attack from Israel or the United States.

Sadly, Israel must now begin to accept that there will not be a U.S. coordinated conventional military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. There is zero willingness from the Obama administration to become involved in another Middle-East conflict. The prevailing sentiment from the Obama administration and America’s main-stream-media indicates that the United States is willing to accept a nuclear armed Iran.

The IAEA (International Atomic Energy Administration) measurements strongly indicate that Iran has proceeded well beyond the enrichment level to produce nuclear weapons.

Iran is now mere months away from nuclear weapon capability.

The idea that Israel can mount an effective air assault on Iran’s nuclear weapon sites without the support of the United States is, at best, wishful-thinking.

A conventional air assault by Israel on the highly defended Iranian nuclear facilities would require weeks of sorties by multiple Israeli air squadrons.

It is doubtful that the results would be equal to the cost.

At the onset of an air assault upon Iran by Israel, most Arab neighbors of Israel will renew age-old hostilities.

A re-armed Hezbollah in Lebanon would no doubt renew a massive missile assault onto northern and central Israel.

Hamas in the Gaza strip, would willingly participate in a missile attack on Southern Israel.

Syria would appreciate the distraction from killing its own citizens and turn its weapons against Israel.

A conventional air assault against Iran just might be managed by Israel alone.

Unfortunately, the Russians will not sit idly by while Iran gets hammered by the Israelis.

Not only are the Syrians (and the Iranians) close allies of Russia, the Russians have been quite vocal about NATO and the US sticking their noses into situations where they don’t belong.

Let’s not forget that Russia’s Putin and Medvedev were very loud with their objections to NATO’s air support of the Libyan Islamist overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi’s government.

They were quite offended that NATO would assist a Radical Islamist movement in the overthrow of a legitimate, United Nation’s recognized government.

In late 2011, as the Syrian Islamist anti-government uprising began to gather international attention, the Russians began tactical and strategic maneuvers which would ensure that they would be a major decision maker in whatever might happen in Syria, or more important, to Syria.

The Syrians now garrison Moscow’s growing Mediterranean fleet in their port of Tartus.

The Mig 29’s that were dispatched to Syrian Military Bases from the decks of the Russian Aircraft Carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” continue to provide air cover over Syrian cities in support of the Assad Regime’s crack-down on the Radical Islamist anti-government forces.

The Russian support of the Assad Regime will continue to complicate any Israeli response to the Iranian Nuclear Development Program.

The Russians in Syria sit between Israel and Iran.

The Russians will not be marginalized.

The question President Obama should be asking is:

What will the Russians do if Iran is attacked by Israel?

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