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A Self-Regulated Shooting Industry Safety Standard

By Tom Davidson, Firearms Instructor                             October 1, 2015

With another mass shooting event at a public school (this time at Umpqua Community College in Oregon) it is time that we begin a national discussion about firearms training and certification of anyone wishing to purchase a firearm and/or ammunition.

Without any government involvement, the entire Shooting Industry could immediately and voluntarily require proof of minimal Firearms Safety Training be presented before selling any type of firearm or any type of ammunition or ammunition components to anyone.

Nothing gets sold to anyone without proof of minimum basic firearms safety training.

Anyone wishing to purchase a firearm or ammunition would be required to provide proof that they have completed basic firearm safety training.  Proof of this training could include Military ID, Law Enforcement ID, Armed Security Officer ID, Concealed Weapon ID, Hunter Education Certificate or NRA Basic Firearm Safety Course Certificate.  Proof of basic firearm safety training could also include membership ID to a recognized Shooting Range, Club or Organization.

Without evidence of basic firearm safety training you would not be allowed on any shooting range.

Many of the recent mass shooting events would never have occurred if the active shooter had first been required to attend a class on Basic Firearm Safety prior to purchasing a firearm or ammunition.

Crazy flourishes in solitude.

Experts in mental illness would agree that many of the recent active shooters, with established mental illness, would never attend a classroom and be exposed to the judgment of a Firearms Instructor and forced to interact with other students in a classroom.  Firearm Instructor Training could be tailored to include training on recognition of mental health “Indicators” and the final exam could include questions crafted to identify students in need of additional scrutiny.

The SCUBA Diving Industry Self-Regulates.

The path to this transition has already been written by the SCUBA Diving Industry.  The SCUBA Diving industry self-regulates with little government involvement.  You cannot purchase SCUBA Diving equipment without first obtaining a SCUBA Diving Basic Certification.  Each individual dive shop, dive boat or dive vacation destination voluntarily complies with the self-imposed industry standards.  With no government laws involved, this industry simply maintains their own self-regulated standards.  The Firearm and Ammunition Industry could learn from what has been done in the SCUBA Diving Industry.

The Shooting Industry can self-determine to sell Firearms and Ammunition only to individuals that can demonstrate that they have received minimal firearm safety training.  No governmental violation of the 2nd Amendment and no new laws.

 This could happen tomorrow morning, if everyone agreed to do it.

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