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For a limited time, EMP and Solar Protection Technologies will offer our entire product line with free shipping. Our products provide real solutions to actual problems. And, not only do our products provide proven protection during worst-case events, many of our products provide practical daily benefits which extend or enhance the life of your electronics.

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How Would Israel Destroy Iran’s Nuclear Production Facilities?

As the debate heats up, the real question is: How Would Israel Destroy Iran’s Nuclear Production Facilities? It has long been known that Iran’s nuclear production facilities were designed to be capable of withstanding a conventional bombing attack from aircraft. It is now strongly suspected that the Iranian Nuclear Development Facilities at Natanz and Qom have been built underground at depths beyond the …

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Iranian Nuclear Development Sites Vulnerable to Conventional Electromagnetic Attack

The United States Air Force reveals a cruise missile with a conventional (non-nuclear) Electromagnetic Pulse warhead designed to fry all electronics within a relatively small strike zone. Imagine a ground hugging cruise missile slowly flying toward a sensitive financial center.  Let’s say Wall Street.  Now let’s also imagine that this small, directed, intense Electromagnetic Pulsed weapon explodes its …

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The British Parliament Launches the Defense Select Committee Inquiry into EMP Protection

In a move to explore the effects of a devastating SOLAR EMP event in the near future, the British Parliament has launched the Defense Select Committee to “discuss” the effects of a major SOLAR Electromagnetic Pulse on the English way of life. Of course, if Britain finds itself not completely prepared when a SOLAR EMP upsets their …

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Introduction to EMP & Solar Protection Technologies

WE ARE “PRESERVATIONISTS.” We believe our civilization, our culture, our way of life, are good things and must be preserved. If you consider yourself a “SURVIVALIST” and your idea of surviving a global disaster is to live the way humans lived in the Dark Middle Ages, you might be in the wrong place. At EMP …

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San Diego Gets a Sample of Life Without Electricity

Last Thursday evening, September 8th, 2011, San Diego experienced a massive power outage.  Supposedly, this was caused by a “Homer Simpson” like character working in a transformer station somewhere near Yuma, Arizona.  This article relates the sudden lack of instant information and the effect this had on the author.  This article reflects the shock associated …

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FEMA – A Division of the Department of Homeland Security – Warns Personnel About EMP

FEMA sends memo to all personnel in the Emergency Services Sector warning about EMP. To Read Warning Click Here

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Excellent Video Explaining EMP

If you want to be a bit entertained while being educated about EMP, this is the video post for you.  Sit back, relax and. . . . Click Here To Go To Video

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Great Video of Solar Flare Activity

Just think!  We live at time in history where satillites are actually in place to take videos like this.  This is worth the break from your ho-hum day.  Great Solar Flare footage. Click Here To Read More

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Mike Brownfield rings the alarm bell about the looming threat to the world from EMP.

The Foundry posts an excellent article about the looming threat of a worldwide EMP event.  The article includes an announcement that August 15th should be declared the National EMP Awareness Day and encourages everyone to tune-in on Monday, August 15th at 11:00am to watch a panel event concerning EMP hosted by The Heritage Foundation.  To watch the event live …

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