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The EMP DEFENSE COUNCIL sounds the Solar Flare Alarm. Washington, are you listening?

The EMP Defense Council has published a list of actions which should be taken immediately to protect the World-Wide Electric Grid from the devastating effects of a major Solar Flare. Click Here To Read The Complete Article

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If you travel outside the United States, you should read this.

There are a whole new set of challenges for those of us traveling abroad with Cell Phones, Laptop Computers, Smart Phones, Wi-Fi, iPhones, iPads, MiFi’s and now – RFID chips in your Passport.  Staying safe & financially secure while traveling abroad has never been more challenging.  Knowledge is power, so please . . .

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Extra! Extra! RFID Credit Cards Increase Your Risk To Fraud

Surprise, surprise! For less than $100.00 in hardware and knowledge you can obtain off of the internet, you too can be an RFID Credit Card information thief. Read More

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Solar Voyeurism at its best!

Get personal with your Sun during a close-up video of a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME).  Courtesy of our friends at NASA. CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO

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Researchers gather at UMASS to affirm that RFID is a “Kind’a, Sort’a” safe technology.

Just standing in line at a fast food outlet may make you vulnerable to a theft of your identity.  Check out this article about the experts discussing your wallet and how easy it is to pick-your-identity without touching you. Click this for more. . . .

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Carrington Sized Solar Flare Might Knock Us For A Loop

In Sept. 1859, on the eve of a below-average solar cycle, the sun unleashed one of the most powerful storms in centuries. The underlying flare was so unusual, researchers still aren’t sure how to categorize it.  The blast peppered Earth with the most energetic protons in half-a-millennium, induced electrical currents that set telegraph offices on …

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Who Knew? SPF 45 no protection against a lethal Solar Flare

Researcher Dr. Paul LaViolette has found that a super-sized Solar Flare impacted the earth around 12,900 years ago causing the largest worldwide extinction since the dinosaurs disappeared 65 million years ago. Perhaps the Sun is not as benevolent as some scientists would have us believe? Click Here To Read More

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‘Magic Wand’ Can Pick Your Pocket of Credit Card Info

The “Problem Solvers” show how easy it is to steal credit card numbers and then use them to purchase products on line or over the phone. Click here for more information.

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