EMP & Solar Protection Technologies specializes in products that offer EMP Protection from solar storms, electromagnetic disturbances and wireless identity theft.

Surge Protectors & Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS’s)


Not all surge protectors are the same.  Many of our products are engineered with the nanosecond reaction speed necessary to intercept electric surges associated with Nuclear EMP and Solar Flares.  Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations.

As an added benefit, our surge protectors significantly moderate the electrical current feeding into your electronics from the power grid and will greatly extend the life of your expensive equipment.  These devices also prove extremely effective in minimizing or eliminating the damage to electronics due to a lightning strike.

Suppressors, Surge Protectors, and Emergency Power Units

Electronic Counter-Surviellance Bags, Insert Sleeves and Travel Survival Kits


Our products provide proven Electronic and RFID shielding from creepy neighbors, identity thieves, business competitors, and hostile nations.

We offer an assortment of sleeves and bags designed to block Electronic Surveillance, Interrogation and RFID transmission.

Our products are specifically designed to meet the high standards of Law Enforcement, Military and Government Agencies.

Electronic Counter Surveillance sleeves are listed on the U.S. Federal ”GSA FIPS 201″ approved products list to meet the requirements of preventing the reading of RFID Credit Cards, Licenses and Passports.

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EMP SHIELD Faraday Boxes & Faraday Cages


After a catastrophic Solar Flare/CME or Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse attack, portable electric generators powered by gasoline or diesel fuel will be the only source of electricity for months, maybe years.

Many households, businesses and local utilities maintain portable generators for use during power outages.  These generators must be protected while in storage.

We specialize in EMP Cages designed to protect portable electric generators.

We also offer a wide selection of boxes and cages designed to protect electronics from the effects of Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP).  Our boxes and cages are designed to offer EMP protection for sensitive electronic devices as small as cell phones, computers, SCADA’s, upward in size to industrial power generators and transformers.

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Custom EMP SHIELD Faraday Cages, Faraday Rooms & Faraday Enclosures

This division of EMP & Solar Protection Technologies specializes in electromagnetic pulse protection for medium to very large warehouse spaces enclosing spare power grid transformers and supporting Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition Systems (SCADAS). Electronic merchandise stored in major distribution centers can be destroyed in an instant if they are not protected from an electromagnetic pulse.

EMP & Solar Protection Technologies offers over forty-five years of experience designing, engineering, fabricating, and installing very large metal structures and enclosures. We take pride in fabricating and installing every structure to meet the strict standards of the Florida Building Code.

Built in the USA.

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