WH8PLUS – Whole House/Business Surge Protection Kit
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The WH8PLUS Surge Protection Kit provides you with the tools necessary to harden your home or business from the effects of Nuclear EMP, Solar Flare, Coronal Mass Ejection and Lightning Strikes.

WH8PLUS Surge Protection Kit Description:

HD2 120/240V - Main Electric Source - Surge Protector:

EMP, Solar Flare and Lightning surge protection begins at the main electrical system feed into your home or business. With a response time of less than one nanosecond (<1ns) this surge protector can defeat any electric surge generated by a Nuclear EMP Weapon, a Solar Flare, a Coronal Mass Ejection or your average everyday Lightning Strike. The weatherproof housing allows outside installation.

This kit will harden and protect your AC power, phone lines, and cable video feeds into your home or business.

The HD2 is engineered to be the finest 120/240V surge protector in its class. The HD2 combines strong surge protection, EMI/RFI filtering, and low let-through voltage in a compact package. The HD2 is perfect for residential or small business surge protection. The HD2 has 100,000A of surge current capacity and features diagnostic LEDs to indicate power and surge protection status.

CM+ 120/240V Lightning Arrester:

This lightning arrester provides an essential layer of AC protection on HVAC condensers, small electrical panels and pool/well pumps. The weatherproof housing also allows outside installation.

8-Outlet and 6-Outlet AC Plug-in Surge Protectors:

Plug your sensitive electronics directly into the 8FF-Outlet Surge Protector or the 6FF-Outlet Surge Protector. They provide a proven second layer of surge protection for your valuable electronics.

VSP-A2 Dual Coax Surge Protector:

The Dual Coax Surge Protector provides surge protection for Digital Satellite Disks or Cable TV/Cable Modem feeds. If installed at the first point of entry, the Dual Coax Surge Protector will protect all cable runs within a home or business.

2LVLPSCP-RUV Phone Line Surge Protection:

This intercept will prevent external electronic surges from leap-frogging into your home or building on unshielded telephone wires.  It also protects all downstream telephone runs within the home or business.

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