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"As you attempt to leave a foreign country you are arrested and thrown in jail.  It seems that someone using your identity left the country yesterday."

This sleeve will protect your passport from being electronically copied and then used illegally.

Identity thieves now use remote “Walk-By” electronic scanners to obtain the personal information contained within your passport.

This sleeve will also protect your credit card, Driver’s License or ID Badge from fraud and identity theft.

Most credit cards, hotel key cards, driver’s licenses, employee identification badges, and all current U.S. Passports contain a Radio-Frequency-IDentification (RFID) transmitter.

These chips allow vendors to scan your credit cards easily at checkout and permits a quick read of your driver’s license or passport from a distance.

All current U.S. passports contain an RFID chip transmitting all information from your passport, including your picture.

Our technology prevents scanners from reading the chip inside your travel documents and credit cards.


  • Fits passports for US, UK, Australia and most other countries
  • A must for corporate, government and military travelers
  • Cheap identity protection for tourists and international travelers.
  • Weather and water resistant
  • Puncture and tear resistant
  • Custom printing available
  • Corporate and government discounts available
  • U.S. Federal "GSA FIPS 201" approved product

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